Sunday, July 29, 2007

Even Batman Likes the Indy 500

Not everyone who has grown up in Indianapolis loves the Indianapolis 500. I've always loved it, but some locals see it (and the other races that run annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) as a bit of a nuisance that creates traffic problems and crowded restaurants at certain times of the year (though the local restaurant owners certainly have no complaints!). Whenever I travel outside of Indiana, though -- and even outside of the USA -- and tell people I'm from Indianapolis, they ALWAYS say, "Oh, the Indianapolis 500!" Like it or not, the Indianapolis 500 defines Indianapolis for the rest of the world, and the race has fans everywhere.

The race also seems to have fans in the world of fiction. Take, for example, this panel from Batman: Ego, written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke:

It seems that Batman, alias Bruce Wayne, is also a fan of the Indianapolis 500 -- or at least he was when he was a child (and a lot less grumpy).