Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What would you do for a tank of gasoline?

Recently, my brother George (who is in his late 30s and single) and one of his co-workers, a girl named Georgette, were putting in some overtime in the print shop, and Georgette was listening to a local radio program -- dunno which one. Well, apparently, the topic of the radio program was something along the lines of, "What would you be willing to trade for what?"

George, jokingly, said, "At this point, I'd trade myself for a tank of gas."

Georgette thought George's comment was hilarious, and she called the radio station -- and got through, and got on the air. She told the DJs, "Hey, I'll trade my friend for a tank of gas!"

The DJs said, "Isn't that illegal?"

Georgette said, "He said he's willing!"

DJs: "Really? Put him on the phone!"

So, George got on the phone, and over the air, the DJs got him to confess that, yes, he would be willing to trade himself for a tank of gas. They also talked him into broadcasting his cell phone number, so anyone interested in taking him up on the offer could call. The DJs did warn George that he'd probably get phone calls from a buncha weirdoes. However, George's cell number is unlisted, he uses a generic answering message, and he always screens his calls, anyway, so he didn't care.

Later in the day, George received two phone messages: one completely incoherent, and one from a very nice-sounding woman who said, "I'm really sorry about calling you, but my friend said if I didn't do it, she would call for me. So, I'm bothering you to keep her out of the equation and to spare myself more embarrassment." The woman in question was 32 years old, single, and owned her own real-estate company.

George was impressed that she was brave enough to call him, so he called her back, and they exchanged cell phone photos. Apparently, the woman was divorced and confessed that she had four kids, ages 3 to 12. George said he could tell from her voice that she expected him to hang up right then and there once she told him she had four kids. Instead, George suggested that they meet somewhere for dinner, his treat – the whole family. The dinner went well, and all had a good time, though George and the woman agreed to remain just friends.

According to George, the woman had red hair and all four kids were also redheads, just like the Weasley family from the Harry Potter stories. He said, jokingly, "I found my very own Weasley family."

Oh, and Georgette never did get her tank of gas.